Music Teacher's Assistant


Cape Cod Music Apps Inc.

Bridging effective traditional teaching methods and the latest in technology™

Our apps help students realize their dreams of learning to play real musical instruments.
We are a resource for teachers, students and self-learners.


The exercises used in SightReadPlus and SightReadMinor were developed by a piano teacher with 18 years of teaching both children and adults. They are a unique contribution to the state–of–the–art in sight reading.

Music Teacher's Assistant iPad Apps are made by Cape Cod Music Apps Inc. in Eastham, Massachusetts. The company was founded in September 2012 to bring together years of experience of people who teach piano and who have advanced experience in processing signals to extract information and judge results.

The principal technical contributor has an MA in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge in England; a PhD in Nuclear Physics from Imperial College of Science and Technology in London, England, and many years experience in signal processing and machine intelligence at Harvard University and M.I.T. and other places.